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The fourm's for Ye Olde Server. We will post updates and more here.
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 The Rules In Full

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PostSubject: The Rules In Full   Sun Mar 05, 2017 1:16 pm

You must follow these rules or face the punishment for breaking them.

1. Be respectful to everyone.

Consequences for breaking this rule: Warn, Mute, Jail, tempban and ban.

2. Be ethical

3. Use common sense

4. Do not spam.

Consequnces for breaking this rule: Warn, Mute, tempban, ban.

5. Hacks are not allowed.If you are found hacking you will be banned forever and not eligible to appeal in most cases.

6. Swearing is allowed just dont swear too much.

You can sware a little bit but not much more. If you Sware more then an exceptional amount, then you will be: warned, muted, jailed, banned.

7. No offensive nicknames are allowed

If you have a offensive nickanme, The first time you will be warrned and reset of your nickname. The Secound time is jail. The third time is a temp ban. As the fourth is a perma ban.

If you don't follow these rules you will be warrned, muted, kicked, temp or perma banned. Depending on which rule you break and how severe it is.
Allowed hacks/mods
If it's not listed above then it isnt allowed. You can always ask if the one you want to use will be allowed.
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The Rules In Full
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